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Privacy and Security Tips
Re-marriage.com aims to provide you with a safe & secure environment in which you search and find your life partner.
Some of the measures taken by us keeping this is mind are:
• Each profile posted on Re-marriage.com is screened by the Customer Support Team to ensure that the content provided is appropriate and relevant to the site.
• All your photographs are watermarked with Re-marriage.com and right click is disabled so that no one can easily save or download your photo. Re-marriage.com also gives you the option to protect your photo and show it only to genuine members you are interested in.
• Re-marriage.com displays only verified phone numbers to ensure that all its members get genuine response and contacts. Re-marriage.com also gives you the option to hide or display your contact details to only paid members.
• We also have a Report Misuse section for our members so that they can report abuse if they find a member's conduct disapproving and misusing Re-marriage.com services. We will take prompt action against the guilty parties which includes blocking the member and deleting his/her profile from the site. Re-marriage.com also works with cyber police to take into custody people who have misused the services.
However, the steps that we have taken at our end are the ones that fall within our range and control. There are quite a few things that you can manage at your end with absolute ease, despite the efforts we make at our end a lot more can be achieved if you keep in mind the suggested guidelines for your privacy & for a safe and secure experience.
Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to protect your privacy.
1. Stay Anonymous Till You Are Sure
Our system of anonymous contacting (expressing interest, accepting/declining), and private messaging (Communicate section). This is to ensure your identity is protected until YOU decide to reveal it.
• Remember that you are in control of your online experience at all times. You can remain completely anonymous until YOU choose not to.
• You are the person who makes the decision so you chose and process only what you wish to. Be sure you find the person to be trustworthy before you go fullswing and send across all your contact information.
• Don't include your personal contact information like name, email address, home address, telephone numbers, place of work or any other identifying information in your initial messages.
• Don't send contact information until your instincts tell you that this is someone you can trust. It's okay to take your own time.
Click here to read - The Dos and Don'ts of Meeting People On and Off-line
2. Start slow - Use e-mails initially
We suggest you to create a new Email account just for matrimonial purposes instead of using your regular IDs / Official IDs. Trust your instincts and start by sharing only your email address and communicating solely via email.
• Look for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Serious people will respect your space and allow you to take your time.
• If a person simply provides his or her phone number early in the email exchange. That doesn't obligate you to use it. You can say the person you are more comfortable just exchanging email for the time being.
• Take your time in judging a person and drawing your conclusions.
• Stop communicating with anyone who pressurize you to reveal your personal information.
• Don't use signature lines in your emails that include your place of work / address / phone numbers.
• Don't use your regular or official email ids for communicating with a person you don't know well.
• Don't be drawn by the looks and the profile content alone. All that glitters is not Gold.
3. Request Photograph(s)
Appearance is not the only defining factor yet it gives a fair idea of the person.
• Make use of the Photo Request option available at Re-marriage.com.
• A view at the photo album would allow you to view the person in various settings such as at the home, office, outdoors etc. The way the person is dressed also gives an idea of their tastes.
4. Chat on Re-marriage.com Messenger
Chatting on Re-marriage.com Messenger will help you know more about the person.
• Chats would give you an idea of how well the person expresses. You can discuss the basic things including likes / dislikes / hobbies.
• Chats would even give you an idea about how well verse the person is in english and communication skills.
• Never give out any personal information whilst chatting online. If you feel the person's behavior is inappropriate, you can block the person.
5. Make Use of Telephone
A phone call can reveal much about a person’s communication and social skills. Consider your security and do not reveal your personal phone number to a stranger. Only furnish your phone number when you feel completely comfortable.
• Use a pre paid mobile phone number exclusively for matrimonial purpose only.
• Make sure that you call / receive calls at acceptable times. You may also chose to let your parents speak to them / their family members.
• If someone gives you a phone number with a strange area code, check it out to make sure it's not a charge number before you make the call.
• Dont reveal too much about your schedules, your workplace etc.
• Don't miss out on any eccentric / out of place comments / unusual behaviour that could be the warning signs.
6. Meet only when you are ready
The beauty of meeting online is that you can collect information gradually, later choosing whether to pursue the relationship in the offline world. You never are obligated to meet anyone unless you want to. The ball is in your court. You decide when you are ready.
• Remember that you are in complete control when it comes to taking an online relationship offline.
• Even if you decide to arrange a meeting, you always have the right to change your mind. It’s possible that your decision to keep the relationship at the anonymous level is based on a hunch that you can’t logically explain. Trust yourself. Go with your instincts.
Click here to read - The Dos and Don'ts of Meeting People On and Off-line
7. Meet in a safe public place
When you choose to meet offline it is a good idea to try and include either or both of your families. But if you trust the person enough to meet alone always tell a friend or your family where you are going and when you will return.
• When you decide to meet face to face with someone for the first time, choose a public place preferably a cafe / restaurant.
• Meet at a convenient place at a time when many people would be around and ensure your own transportation.
• For the first meeting it is always good not to meet the other person alone. Take a friend or relative along and ask him/her to do the same.
• In case you do decide to meet him/her alone leave the name, address and telephone number of the person you are going to meet with your friend or family member. Carry a mobile phone along with you.
• Never arrange for your prospective match to pick you up or drop you at home.
• Never go to meet at unearthly hours.
• Avoid going to secluded places.
• Movies are not a place for the first meeting.
• Stick to nonalcoholic drinks when meeting someone for the first time.
Click here to read - The Dos and Don'ts of Meeting People On and Off-line
8. Watch for warning signs, keep your eyes open
Watching for warning signs and acting upon it is the surest way to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Behavior such as anger, demeaning or disrespectful comments, physically inappropriate comments and behavior, intense frustration or attempts at pressuring or controlling you are obvious warning signs. Stay away from people like this, just ignore them.
• Ask a lot of questions and watch for inconsistencies. This will help you detect liars & cons, and it will help you find out if you're compatible.
• It is mandatory to check the compatability quotient for a person with whom you intend to spend your entire life.
• Pay attention to displays of anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you. Acting in a resentful manner, making demeaning or disrespectful comments, or any physically inappropriate behavior are all warning signs.
• Involve your family or your close friends in your search for a life partner and do not take a decision unilaterally.
• Don't ignore the following behavior trends:
- If inconsistent information is provided about age, interests, appearance, marital status, children, education, employment, etc.
- If your clear questions dont get direct answers.
- If the person seems to ponder on minor questions.
- If there is a significant difference in the person and the online profile.
- If the person avoids commitment.
- If the person avoids your interaction with his family members, colleagues or friends.
- If the person is avoiding further interactions frequently with you due to unexplained reasons.
9. Watch out for money scams
Watch out for money scams. There are just too many con artists and scam artists around the world, and they are everywere.
• Be wary of those who try to ask money from you for whatever reason. But it would be safer to cut off the communication. Remember a genuine person will not ask you for money in any circumstance. If someone asks you for money, use common sense and never give in to such requests.
• In case someone asks you for money, attempts to sell any merchandise or service, or sends you links to a pay-to-view site. Report the situation to us.
• Never provide your financial status/assets in detail.
• Don't give any information of your bank accounts or bank balances.
• Take all the time you need to decide on a trustworthy person and pay careful attention along the way. Using your own good judgment is your best bet because ultimately you are responsible for your personal experience.
10. Do Decline Abusers
Re-marriage.com STRONGLY encourages you to block/decline any member who behaves in an abusive manner and to report the behavior to Re-marriage.com.
Some Examples of Abuse include:
• Married people or minors using the service
• Members sending harassing or offensive emails
• Members behaving inappropriately after meeting in person
• Criminals or other "shady" characters using the service
• Fraudulent registration or profiles
• Spam or solicitation*
• Copyright infringement
• Members asking you for money or donations
• Any other violation of Re-marriage.com's policies
*Solicitation is an offer to sell something to someone. Our Terms of Use strictly prohibit the use of the site service for the purposes of solicitation. Please notify Re-marriage.com immediately if another member sends you links to pay-to-view porn sites. Additionally, report abuse in the form of invitations to join other matrimonial sites, emails about modeling opportunities or attempts to sell merchandise or services.
Suggestions from Re-marriage.com
We suggest you to use your head and not just follow your heart because this is a matter for lifetime and one wrong decision can change your life forever. Its totally your responsibility to keep yourself safe and secure and avoid slip-ups. In this journey in search of your life partner never lose yourself by keeping on straight roads. Trust your instincts and then move ahead with the right person.
Also ensure that you respect the privacy of others just as you wish yours to be.
In case, you encounter any unpleasant situations, please bring it to our notice. Your actions would help punish the guilty and save others from going through the same.
To report fraud or misuse, write to us giving full details of your case.
Re-marriage.com works with Cyber Police
If Re-marriage.com detects any fraudulent activity, it will report the same to Cyber Police (Cyber Crime Investigation Cell). Also Re-marriage.com will support Cyber Police in cases where members report wrongdoing by another member to the Cyber Police (Cyber Crime Investigation Cell) to tackle fraudulent people.
Report any attacks or threats - Don't be embarrassed to report problems to the police. Remember, if you don't report them, the same thing could happen to someone else. Re-marriage.com will extend any support required by the Cyber Crime Cell in cases reported to them.
Through this initiative, Re-marriage.com wishes to make the site that much more safe and secure.
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